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Post by Hanibowl on Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:38 pm

CHB Rules

The following is a list of rules that applies to the roleplay and general interactions in and of the group. To suggest a rule, please contact Hanibowl via PM or post on group wall. For group rules, please see the group description for further links as to character reference sheets, general group rules, and the character list.

I'm Laying Down The Law. If you have issues with the rules, see me.


Please refrain from swearing at other persons belonging to the group. You can have your characters swear, but please keep any sexual involvement at PG-13.

If an argument occurs, please try to settle it off the group wall. If more than the original engaging parties are dragged into the conflict, the Head Director will intervene, as her (my) word is law.

Once you have created a character, please PM Hanibowl (me) before posting it here: Easy as that.


1. No godmoddding. This means you must take hits during a battle and may not force something upon a person's character. To keep the rp (roleplay) fair, try to use language that suggests your character is wounding another rather than doing it. Ex: Tommy lunges forward with his blade to stab Eliot. (YES) rather than: Tommy stabs Eliot with his sword. (NO). The link to more about this is here:

2. You MUST treat other members with respect, although that does no include rp characters in an rp.

3. Please use () parentheses when speaking out of roleplay. Ex: (I had tacos for dinner) or (John, stop trying to control my character.) or (Hanibowl, my character wasn't talking to your character.) Please keep this to a minimum, and converse via pm unless if involves multiple people.

4. Please make a character before you rp.

6. No Jane Does or John Does.

7. No one likes a person who's characters are all the strongest. Have a variety of strengths.

8. Feel free to have different characters be siblings or be a couple.

9. This rule pertains to number 8. No excessive drama among the characters. The group is not a dating sim. This also includes no forcing a couple onto characters, which I've seen this a lot.

11. Be realistic. You know what I mean.

You can swear all you want. I don't give a fu- oh.

Try to use correct grammar and spelling, we are a civilized people.

You may not control a character that does not belong to you, unless the owner has given specific directions that you can.

You may not kill another person's character without them allowing it. There has to be an agreement.

If you want to roleplay with someone, ask first, especially if their character is already talking or engaged in some way with another character. I suggest MESSAGING THEM FIRST.

For those of you with big three characters, if you are inactive for a period of 2 months and do not post for that specific character, your character will be removed and you will have to repost the ref sheet and request it to be active again or, if there are no open spots, wait for an opening. However, if you tell an admin or HR however long you will be gone, you can keep your character. If the inactivity goes past the deadline, the character will be removed. This also applies to characters that are children of primordial deities.

If you attempt to incorporate an rp from a separate universe, e.g.: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc., you will be repeatedly asked to stop. If this continues, you will go bye-bye. We strictly rp in the Percy Jackson series.

**NOTE: I have the right and ability to exile members with or without explanation if they violate rules to an extent. There will be one, maybe two warnings before I click the "Exile User" button, but I tend to roll on a 3 strikes you’re out system. Have fun and enjoy.

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