Camp Half-Blood Anti-Godmodding and Fair Character Interactions Guide

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Camp Half-Blood Anti-Godmodding and Fair Character Interactions Guide Empty Camp Half-Blood Anti-Godmodding and Fair Character Interactions Guide

Post by Hanibowl on Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:34 pm

CHB Anti-Godmodding and Fair Character Interactions Guide

The following is a guide to prevent godmodding and promote fair character interactions. To suggest a tip, please contact Hanibowl via PM or post on group wall. For group rules, please see the group description for further links as to character reference sheets, general group rules, and the character list.

Godmodding: Godmodding is a term used by a number of roleplayers, but individual terms vary among different individuals. The term pertains to an action where an individual greats or enacts a character that is over powered, when they are, in fact, just as mortal and vulnerable as any other character.


Among Characters
When creating a character, make sure to add a flaw, or characteristic to their weapon that prevents them from accomplishing some tasks. This also includes basing their abilities and weapons around their powers, if they have them. Your new character starts at zero when it comes to their skill level, unless they have previous experience, which would be in their reference sheet.

During Battle-Wounds
Characters aren't immortal, but it is also against the rules to kill a character without the permission of the owner. During battle, each character MUST take hits, whether they are stabbed, slashed, burned, bruised, or bloodied, there must be a wound from battle.

During Battle-Combat
Each character is not a professional, they are, after all, children, even if they are in their twenties. They're not going to be doing flips or spinning roundhouses during combat because that can be cumbersome and impractical, but if in their description and reference sheet they are specifically mentioned to have been doing martial arts for a number of years, for example, then it will be allowed.

How a fight ends and functions is based on how it is written. A character cannot inflict an injury on another by describing: "Tom slices open his opponent’s cheek." This prevents the other character from possibly avoiding the injury and forces them into it. The correct way to engage in combat would be: "While in close quarters, Tom slices at his opponent’s cheek in a downward arc." This allows the other character to doge the blow without being cornered. It may be necessary to alter one's personal written style, but it is very simple and easy to learn.

This concludes the guide. If you have been personally referred to the guide, it is highly suggested that you follow the tips given. That's a nice way of saying: don't follow the tips, and you'll probably be demoted and/or exiled.

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