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Camp Half-Blood Character Creation Guide Empty Camp Half-Blood Character Creation Guide

Post by Hanibowl on Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:28 pm

CHB Character Creation Guide

The following is a guide to creating a Camp-Half Blood rp character. To suggest a rule or change in the guide, please contact Hanibowl via PM or post on group wall. For group rules, please see the group description for further links as to character reference sheets, general group rules, and the character list. Characters of the Big 3 (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) will be limited to 3 each. 3 children of Zeus, 3 for Poseidon, and 3 for Hades. Children of the other gods will not be regulated, except for primordials, which is limited to 2 total.

(Name: || Gender: || Age: || Godly Parent: || Description (Appearance + attire): || Height: || Eyecolor: || Haircolor: || Skin:|| Personality(few words): || Weapons: || Extras: )

*Example*: (Name: John Doe || Gender: Male || Age: 15 || Godly Parent: Hermes || Description (Appearance + attire):Wears brown shoes and a CHB shirt with jeans. His skin is tan. || Height:5'6" || Eyecolor:Green || Haircolor:Brown || Skin: Olive || Personality(few words):Kleptomaniac, but quite nice || Weapons: Celestial Bronze sword|| Extras: Has a human half-sister)

1. Refrain from creating a character that is closely or completely identical to a character from the book. I understand that you may have a character that is incidentally similar to a book character. This includes Jane and John Does.

2. Do not create an OP (over powered) character. These are characters that have an infinite amount of power and "kill"everyone and everything. These characters will not be tolerated, no matter the excuse.

3. The number of Big 3 characters has been limited to three for each god. There is also a time-limit on them. (CHB Rules- rule 17)

4. There is a limit of two characters for primordial deities, no more. There is also a time-limit on them. (CHB Rules- rule 17)

5. No Demi-Titans, except for temporary characters during Quests/Arcs. We haven't decided on whether or not to have them.

6. Limit the number of characters you have to a relatively low number, or to where you won't forget any one of them for any period of time.

7. You may have characters that are just regular humans or even mythical creatures. Please run this by Hanibowl before going through with it.

8. In this group we DO NOT use or mention characters from the novels. Gods are an exception, but you MUST create your own original character. Characters such as Percy Jackson, and others, do not exist. To completely understand the time period, please contact a Director or Hanibowl for more details.

When creating a character, if they have powers because of their godly parent, make sure it is appropriate to their parent. Magic is STRICTLY reserved for children of Hecate, and no other demigod children can use it, unless she is their mother.

Don’t make a character that is the child of a goddess like Artemis, Hestia, or Hera, as they are goddesses that don’t have demigod children.

Send the finished reference sheet to Hanibowl so it can be accepted.

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